The Best Kegerators and Portable Ice Makers for Providing Low-Cost Refrigeration

Want beer on tap?

If you love draft beer, you might consider investing in a kegerator.  A kegerator can help save money since it’s typically cheaper to buy beer by the keg.  Sorting through the hype to find the best model for you can seem overwhelming.  Learning about different options, features, and price ranges can minimize frustration and maximize enjoyment of your new purchase.  With price options ranging from around $300 to over $2000, you’re sure to find the right fit for your beer budget.


The first consideration is the location your new kegerator will occupy.  The best model out there isn’t worth as much if it’s too wide, too tall, or too deep for its allotted space.  Get accurate measurements of your space before you shop.  Many models come with casters, which make moving the kegerator for cleaning or entertaining much more convenient.  Some casters even lock, which is a great way to have the convenience of rolling wheels with less worry about movement, but make sure you account for the height the casters add.

Next, evaluate how much beer you want to have on tap.  There are models designed to hold one or more kegs of various sizes, from minis to full sized and everywhere in between.  Additionally, think about whether you’re okay with a single-tap model or want multiple taps.  Understand the temperature requirements of your favorite brews and make sure that any models you consider will accommodate your needs.

There are a couple of other things to think about when you’re comparing models.  One is the noise level that’s acceptable to you.  Another is the CO2 storage location and the overall ease of use of the unit’s controls.  Getting the hang of calibrating the CO2 delivery can be tricky if you’re not used to it, but with a little learning and patience, your new kegerator can be the toast of your next get together.

Need ice on the go?

If you like camping regularly or enjoy lots of picnics and cookouts, a portable icemaker could be a great investment.  A portable icemaker eliminates the need to guess how much ice you’ll need to buy ahead of time.  More conveniently, it also eliminates the need to store extra ice, which could mean less of a load to tote to your destination.

When you begin your search for a portable icemaker, you’ll probably notice that there are many makes and models from which to choose.  While the functionality of all models is basically the same, there are a variety of unit sizes available.  You can find slightly larger tabletop models or significantly smaller, much more portable models ideal for camping trips.

The other main differences in terms of features are the size of the cubes created and the control panels that operate the units.  Knowing whether your prefer larger or smaller cubes or a machine that can produce your choice of sizes can help narrow your search.  When it comes to control panels, some have sleeker digital controls while others have simpler push-button panels.

Don’t forget the wine

With more folks becoming more avid wine drinkers, there is now a wide range of wine refrigerators available.  They come in a variety of sizes from countertop to standalone to built-in.  There are models with two separate compartments to make storing reds and whites at their proper temps easier.  Other considerations when choosing a wine fridge include available temperature ranges, whether or not the door protects your bottles from light, noise level, and cosmetic finishes.  Some models even offer a filtration system to help protect the inside of the wine fridge from kitchen odors.  With a myriad of options available and prices ranging from under $100 to well over $1000, there’s sure to be a model that pairs perfectly with your home’s decor.

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